Horse Boarding at Cedar Hill Farm
Asheville, North Carolina

Horse Boarding in Asheville, NC
Our private facility cares for all breeds of horses. We offer full board with large stalls, and daily turnout, weather permitting. There is a large paddock attached to the back of the barn, with gates leading to all pasture areas.

Our Stalls
Each stall is 10' X 12' and has an Eastern exposure absorbing morning warmth in the Winter, large window openings for air circulation and light, and is fully matted with 6” of gravel underneath for proper drainage.

What's Included
Board includes daily cleaning of stalls, saw dust, clean water buckets, and quality feed with homegrown hay.

Our Tack Room
Tack is kept in a climate-controlled environment which is very secure. For your convenience, saddle racks, blanket hangers, and shelving for grooming supplies are provided.

Our Feed Room
Our Feed Room has a concrete floor with a very secure door. For extra safety, all feed is stored in vermin-proof containers.

Boarding Requirements
For your horse we require inoculation records and a Negative Coggins test. From you we require a signed boarding agreement which includes emergency contact numbers, veterinarian information, emergency contact information which covers treatment for your horse if an injury or sickness happens when you are not available, and at least two references, preferably from other horse facilities.

Download the Cedar Hill Farm Boarding Agreement

Download the Cedar Hill Farm Waiver of Liability and Legal Release Form

What Our Boarders Say
"From my first steps into the barn at Cedar Hill Farm, my heart sang. I was surrounded by support, guidance, compassion and joy, not only from my fellow humans, but from the horses too. I cannot imagine a better environment for natural horsemanship."
Aleah Wicks and Dutchess